PEDOCERE / A photography exhibition by Nicola Crepax



6-14 October 2023
SPAZIOCAVANA – Zinelli&Perizzi, Trieste

from Tuesday to Saturday
ore 10.00 -13.00 / 15.00 -19.00
Close on Sunday and Monday


The Photography Exhibition “Nicola Crepax’s Pedocere” opens on 5th October at the Zinelli&Perizzi showroom by Piazza Unità.

The exhibition revolves around fifteen large-scale photographs, where the Trieste Sea awakens with new colours and meanings, places for spirit, music and thought.

Traditional design elements will complement Crepax’s work, offering the opportunity for a multilayered sensorial reflection on the real and imagined proportion between Trieste and the sea.

Thanks to the unique quality of the light on Trieste’s seascape, on the one hand the artist encourages a novel reading of the diaphragm separating the coast and the infinite, where nature meets human intervention through the pivotal presence of buoys, cages and mussel farms.

On the other hand, the pictures elevate beyond time and space to gain a universal meaning and invite reflection on the relationship between modernity and the management of marine resources. This way natural elements almost turn into post atomic scenery, in which it is possible to identify both the placid oscillation of the waves and the fractures brought by contemporary times.

Finally, printed on large cotton sheets, the pictures adopt the stylistic character of abstract paintings. Crepax uses the pedocere as lines and dots, brush strokes and material signs on hypothetical canvases.

Photographer and art critical Giovanna Nuvoletti reviewed Nicola Crepax’s work displayed at a recent exhibition at Acquario di Milano:

“There is clear power to the composition, a necessary skills for painters but also for us photographers. I also found references to the golden ratio which represents human sight and vision as they form in human mind. In Nicola’s photographs I saw the art of incorporating music in images. There it is, the rhythm, which leads the spectator’s eye towards an internal dance which charges shapes with meaning - yes even linguistically - as they juxtapose, merge and echo one another. At times I stay transfixed reading his pictures as if a magical alphabet scattered on the sea; sentences that envelop us within our own mystery, unveil us to ourselves, or seductively invite us to lose ourselves in a journey beyond all of our personal Pillars of Hercules, chasing our secret Circe, who will turn us into minuscule vessels”.